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President to read
For President Obama
2012 Progress Report on Everglades Restoration AVAILABLE NOW


First-ever trolley to Everglades and Biscayne National Parks begins Saturday

Miami Herald


Florida's mangrove forests expand north with climate change


Silver Springs becomes state park


The economic impact of Florida's changing water regulations


Environmental groups file suit to replace Ceitus Barrier in Cape

Cape Coral Daily Breeze


Snakes pose a threat


Water for Everglades

Florida Current


DEP Poll Concerns Environmentalists

Tampa Bay Times


Putting water on the front burner


USACE Adopts Flawed Study ... Again

Bradenton Times


Bad year for manatees, dolphins

Miami Herald


Revived Palm Beach County reservoir making progress

Sun Sentinel


Everglades refuge stalled at 10 acres but expected to grow

Orlando Sentinel


Florida about to pass New York in population -- moving into the top 3 states


Heavy rains, run-off may lead to large algal blooms


Iconic airboats won’t be part of Everglades culture for much longer

Miami Herald


Conservation amendment reaches 500K signatures


District completes draft water plan


Northeast Florida residents to discuss water plan and how it affects the St. Johns River


Water should be a top priority

Sun Sentinel


DEP survey on permitting costs concerns environmentalists

Tampa Bay Times


Burmese python becomes gator bait in Everglades

CBS Miami


Citrus canker found in Northwest Florida


Disagreements flow over Florida springs' future

Herald Tribune


EPA appeals District Court ruling to exempt farmyard runoff from discharge permits

131223-a Desalination is the answer to water shortage Orlando Sentinel
131223-b Studies: Indian River Lagoon Facing ‘Uniform Mortality Event' (Part 1 of 5)
131223-c Why the next major hurricane could devastate Miami
131222-a Global warming scientist warns Florida will be under water Liberty Voice
131222-b Water problems demand action statewide Orlando Sentinel
131221- Wildlife officers determined to catch nasty python invading South Florida Miami Herald
131220-a Ignoring the causes
131220-b Record 16 percent of Florida's manatee population died this year
131220-c The Everglades: A 30-year work in progress
131219-a Central Everglades Planning Project report delayed until 2014 TCPalm
131219-b State studies as water disaster looms
131219-c Taking a Bite Out of the Environment: Top 10 Most Environmentally Destructive Foods
131219-d Unable to agree, Palm Bay council gives up on fertilizer issue Florida
131219-e Water tests show St. Lucie River improving for now CBS 12 News
131219-f Wetlands shrink after rainy season
131218-a A rosy outlook for 2014
131218-b County sets hearing for tougher fertilizer rules Florida Today
131218-c Five Star & Urban Waters Restoration Program 2014 - Request for Proposals
131218-d It's All In The Climate: New study from research scientists at Florida International University predict
131218-e Our Indian River Lagoon series: Managing the crisis Daytona Beach News J.
131218-f Study: Dolphins suffering from lung disease due to Gulf oil spill Wall Street Journal
131217-a Controversial plan for pumping water from sinkhole gets state permit Tampa Bay Times
131217-b Florida editorial roundup Associated Press
131217-c Homestead reaches for the sky with observation tower idea Miami Herald
131217-d Land once touted for biotech park, Mecca Farms is sold to water district Palm Beach Post
131217-e Sugar subsidy yields bitter harvest Wisconsin State Journal
131217-f Swiftmud enacts new watering limits in Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Times
131217-g The Yearling
131216-a New FWC buoy in Tampa Bay to aid water quality, harmful algal bloom monitoring FFWCC
131216-b Palm Beach Society: The Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for The Everglades Gala
131215-a Downtown Doral, a Codina Partners development, brings city flair to the suburbs Miami Herald
131215-b Florida's conservation-land sale likely to fall well short of goal Orlando Sentinel
131215-c Here we go again
131214-a County to build new storm water facility
131214-b Gardiner's first heavy lift is Indian River Lagoon Orlando Sentinel
131214-c Long-delayed lagoon dredging plan is set to begin
131213-a Central Florida looks to the St. Johns to meet growing water needs
131213-b Consortium says no to moratorium on additional aquifer pumping Orlando Sentinel
131213-c Farm bill benefits Florida
131213-d Ignoring the culprits
131213-e Leading on water
131213-f On water quality, is Tallahassee getting its head out of the muck ? Palm Beach Post
131213-g Scientists map vast reserves of freshwater under the seabed
131212-a Fight against Everglades invaders gets boost Sun Sentinel
131212-b 'Landmark' water proposals coming in 2014 session
131212-c Residents push for cleaner water in central Florida's waterways
131212-d Senate negotiators point fingers at House as WRDA talks stall E&E Publishing
131212-e Sorry climate change skeptics: Arctic melting trend continues despite milder year Huffington Post
131211-a Conservation groups: Mine will push out panthers Naples Daily News
131211-b Environmental groups raise $400k more for conservation amendment Orlando Sentinel
131211-c Farm bill would preserve Fla. wetlands: My Word Orlando Sentinel
131211-d Flood warnings: England will be submerged if global warming continues
131211-e NOAA: Whales died from malnutrition Associated Press
131210-a $24.7B water plan unveiled by state officials Associated Press
131210-b 9 Investigates increasing demand on freshwater in central Florida
131210-c Deal for sugar land bad for public, but still in the public interest West Palm Beach
131210-d Florida state official urges more seawater desalination
131210-e U.S. losing wetlands at fast pace Washington Post
131210-f When it comes to America's waterways, we have proven repeatedly that we can't wait
131209-a 11 more pilot whales found dead in Florida
131209-b Did environmental icon Maggy Hurchalla finally outsmart herself ? SunshineStateNews
131208-a Action on water in the Senate
131208-b Ross: Why can't we all get along ?
131207-a Stranded whales were seen very close to shore
131207-b Time for a talk about Lee County's Conservation 20/20 program
131206-a 35 Stranded whales in Everglades now moving In deeper water Huffington Post
131206-b Fertilizer-free zones near water needed
131206-c Naples money for Crist; environmental projects at forefront Naples Daily News
131205- Florida rescuers use noise to drive stranded whales out to sea Reuters
131204-a Dozens of whales beached in Everglades National Park in Florida Reuters
131204-b Strong fertilizer rules, tax on fertilizer urged Florida Today
131204-c We need commitment on Florida's water issues
131203-a A big shift in water districts
131203-b Climate change's biggest threats are those we aren't ready for: Report Huffington Post
131203-c Eastern Gulf of Mexico lease sale to open 465,000 acres for drilling
131203-d New recreational wetland areas open to public in South Florida
131203-e Protecting the economy and land
131203-f Reuse: the next wave for water conservation ?
131203-g Shameful inaction Miami Herald
131203-h The tremendous impact of Farm Bill programs on our environment and our economy
131202-a Amendment looks to limit sprawl, protect water and wildlife
131202-b Citrus making a comeback in Pensacola area
131202-c Desalination a must for Florida, official says
131202-d Regulators must decide who gets Floridan Aquifer's last drops Orlando Sentinel
131202-e Statewide water planning is goal of next House Speaker CBS-Miami
131201-a Putnam makes state's water woes a priority Orlando Sentinel
131201-b Water-management policy essential to Florida's future Orlando Sentinel
DECEMBER 2013         upward

Notable this
wet season :

LO water release

Contemporary Question:

WHY NOT "Move it South" ?

Meaning "dirty" water from Lake Okeechobee - and instead of disastrous releases into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee Rivers, move it where it used to flow - South.

Is it possible ? Would the bridge on US-41 do the trick ?

NOVEMBER 2013         upward
Timeless :    

Click for milestone REPORT :
WHO Pollutes ?   WHO Pays ?
    "Enterprise Assessment for the Reduction of Nutrient
      Pollution in South Florida Waters
(by RTI International)
November end :    
131130-a As sea level rises, Everglades’ freshwater plants perish
131130-b Florida’s natural springs under attack DaytonaBch.News J.
131130-c On environment, shortsightedness costs Florida big Orlando Sentinel
131129- Deadline questions arise about water district-Florida Crystals land swap Palm Beach Post
131128- Water district’s Everglades expert retires, hopes for job with ag group Palm Beach Post
131127-a Florida agriculture a blessing Miami Herald
131127-b Good news for birds as Everglades wind farm scrapped Huffington Post
131127-c What’s next for the St. Lucie River ? Palm Beach Post
131126-a Delicate balance in the Everglades Miami Herald
131126-b Fixing what's wrong with Florida's environmental movement EyeOnMiami
131126-c Phosphorus reductions improve Everglades water quality
131125-a American Farmer to feature Pathway Biologic in upcoming episode
131125-b Florida's neglected priorities Tampa Bay Times
131124-a Everglades restoration now has a primer Florida Today
131124-b Florida's springs are suffering from neglect and abuse
131124-c Muck: The arch-enemy lurks deep in Indian River Lagoon Florida Today
131124-d Officials fear future water shortages
131123- Dry season could bring water limits for South Florida Sun Sentinel
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