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This page summarizes all the videos available through the EvergladesHUB service.
Some are accessible from different EvergladesHUB web-pages and summarized here, more are placed on an external web-page, organized into thematic "playlists":

1) Everglades Animals
2) Everglades Adventures
3) Pollution - Everglades
4) Lake Okeechobee
5) Flying - Florida from Above

- and quite a few more (~50)
preselected for you as the BEST from quite a jungle of them !

External VIDEOS

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Videos used on web-pages of this site

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Videos from the HOME page:
Kissimmee River - US-ACE video from HOME-page:
US Army Corps of Engineers recently backfilled the dewatering canal and restored the meandering old river flow. Marshes filter the water now and invite wildlife.
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Tamiami Trail has a section that blocks water to the Everglades (NP). After protracted debates, a bridge project has been initiated (Dec,4, 2009) to lift the road and let water through to feed the Everglades.
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The Everglades - A National Geographic video showing the beauty and unique nature of the River of Grass. Over the last century, this geographic formation shrank to less than one half of its original size by drainage.
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Agricultural Pollution - a clip from the PBS series:
It is mainly the surplus nitrogen and phosphorus threat that is oozing from the fields into the surface and even underground waters.
The Everglades Foundation's video is narrated by Harrison Ford. It shows the majestic Everglades and, as typical for many NGOs, the thrust toward restoring this unique and essential ecosystem.
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"Projects" web-page:
ASR (Aquifer Storage and Recovery) - Projetcs page:
A number of large pilot plants have been built and operated in Florida to study the feasibility of storing fresh water in porous underground aquifers. This storage could supplement water also stored in above ground water large storage reservoirs. At this point, the jury is still out -
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ASR Plant Tour - Projects page:
A unique interactive tour od an Aquifer Staorage and Recovery pilot plant.
The plant built, operated and the document provided by the South Florida Water Management District.
"Lake Okeechobee" web-page:
How the Everglades originated and functioned until man altered the landscape and dried up half of them. Only to see that this interference has been eventually damaging to the Everglades, estuaries and threaten to diminish the vital fresh water supply to the whole of South Florida.. Everglades water
Kissimmee River is the backbone of Lake Okeechobee watershed. Altering its course and working its floodplane polluted and endangered the Lake. The Kissimmee situation has now been reversed as the battle for the watershed clean-up continues on all levels. Kissimmee restoration
All the waters flowing into and out of Lake Okeechobee are really one and interconnected system. The pollution entering the Lake only accumulates there and waits to eventually damage the estuaries with its pollution when Lake water needs to be released. Water structure
Water Treatment cells (STAs) have been built that cleanse the water collected from the Everglades Agri-Area that is polluted by fertilizers and could not feed the Everglades downstream. More of these STA marshes need to be constructed both South & North of the Lake. Treatment cell
"Hurricanes" web-page, rare disaster videos:
Hurricane - "Hurricanes" web page:
Viewed here from the satellite, hurricane Katrina became quite notorious for demolishing coastal areas of Luisiana and almost destroying New Orleans. This unique video depicts the strength of a hurricane on land in Florida.
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Everything is flying, even a roof - in this National Geographic documentary short video
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Marine Oil Spill - is always a disaster and it just happened on a large scale recently in the Gulf of Mexico when a BP-operated deep-sea oil rig exploded and sank. Apart from 11 dead workers,
a huge oil spill ensued as the oil kept gushing out at the sea bed.
All safety shut-off procedures attempted to stem the crude oil escape flow failed. What to do, how to shut it off ?

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Enjoy the videos - they are well done, easy and educational

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