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TOP 2009
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(2009) Bohlen, P.J., Lynch, S., Shabman, L., Clark, M., Shukla, S. and Swain, H. Paying for environmental services from agricultural lands: an example from the northern Everglades. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 7(1), 46-55.

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(2009) Chang, C.C.Y., McCormick, P.V., Newman, S. and Elliott, E.M. Isotopic indicators of environmental change in a subtropical wetland. Ecological Indicators 9(5), 825-836.

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(2009) Harvey, J.W. and McCormick, P.V. Groundwater's significance to changing hydrology, water chemistry, and biological communities of a floodplain ecosystem, Everglades, South Florida, USA. Hydrogeology Journal 17(1), 185-201.

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(2009) Hoang, T.C., Schuler, L.J., Rogevich, E.C., Bachman, P.M., Rand, G.M. and Frakes, R.A. Copper Release, Speciation, and Toxicity Following Multiple Floodings of Copper Enriched Agriculture Soils: Implications in Everglades Restoration. Water Air and Soil Pollution 199(1-4), 79-93.

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(2009) Jin, G., Eilts, K., Kelley, T.R. and Webb, J.W. Preliminary water quality assessment of Spunky Bottoms restored wetland. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part a-Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering 44(3), 235-243.

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(2009) Miao, S.L. and Zou, C.B. Seasonal variation in seed bank composition and its interaction with nutrient enrichment in the Everglades wetlands. Aquatic Botany 90(2), 157-164.

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(2009) Ozturk, Z., Katsenovich, Y., Tansel, B., Laha, S., Moos, L. and Allen, M. Enhancement of TCE Attenuation in Soils by Natural Amendments. Soil & Sediment Contamination 18(1), 1-13.

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(2009a) Wright, A.L. Soil phosphorus stocks and distribution in chemical fractions for long-term sugarcane, pasture, turfgrass, and forest systems in Florida. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 83(3), 223-231.

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(2009b) Wright, A.L. and Inglett, P.W. Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen and Distribution of Carbon-13 and Nitrogen-15 in Aggregates of Everglades Histosols. Soil Science Society of America Journal 73(2), 427-433.

TOP 2008

(2008) Carriger, J.F. and Rand, G.M. Aquatic risk assessment of pesticides in surface waters in and adjacent to the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks: I. Hazard assessment and problem formulation. Ecotoxicology 17(7), 660-679.

(2008) Castillo, M.S. and Wright, A.L. Soil phosphorus pools for Histosols under sugarcane and pasture in the Everglades, USA. Geoderma 145(1-2), 130-135.

(2008) Euliss, N.H., Smith, L.M., Wilcox, D.A. and Brwaine, B.A. Linking ecosystem processes with wetland management goals: Charting a course for a sustainable future. Wetlands 28(3), 553-562.

(2008) Gilbert, R.A., Rainbolt, C.R., Morris, D.R. and McCray, J.M. Sugarcane growth and yield responses to a 3-month summer flood. Agricultural Water Management 95(3), 283-291.

(2008) Glaz, B., Reed, S.T. and Albano, J.P. Sugarcane response to nitrogen fertilization on a histosol with shallow water table and periodic flooding. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 194(5), 369-379.

(2008) Gu, B.H. Phosphorus removal in small constructed wetlands dominated by submersed aquatic vegetation in South Florida, USA. Journal of Plant Ecology-Uk 1(1), 67-74.

(2008) Gu, B.H. and Dreschel, T. Effects of plant community and phosphorus loading rate on constructed wetland performance in Florida, USA. Wetlands 28(1), 81-91.

(2008) Hoang, T.C., Rogevich, E.C., Rand, G.M., Gardinali, P.R., Frakes, R.A. and Bargar, T.A. Copper desorption in flooded agricultural soils and toxicity to the Florida apple snail (Pomacea paludosa): Implications in Everglades restoration. Environmental Pollution 154(2), 338-347.

(2008) Perry, W.B. Everglades restoration and water quality challenges in south Florida. Ecotoxicology 17(7), 569-578.

(2008) Reicosky, D.C., Gesch, R.W., Wagner, S.W., Gilbert, R.A., Wente, C.D. and Morris, D.R. Tillage and wind effects on soil CO2 concentrations in muck soils. Soil & Tillage Research 99(2), 221-231.

(2008) Reid, A. Half the land targeted for Everglades restoration comes with contaminants. McClatchy - Tribune Business News. Washington: Nov 13, 2008

(2008) Schuler, L.J. and Rand, G.M. Aquatic risk assessment of herbicides in freshwater ecosystems of south Florida. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 54(4), 571-583.

(2008) SFWMD, F., FDACS. Lake Okeechobee Watershed Construction Project - Phase II Technical Plan. South Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, West Palm Beach, Fl., 713.

(2008) Smith, A.H.G. Chapter 1. Restoring America’s Everglades: A Lobbyist’s Perspective. Chapter 1 in Saving Biological Diversity, Askins, R.A. et al. (eds.), Springer Science & Business Media, Berlin, Germany,

(2008) Smith, A.H.G. Chapter 1. Restoring America’s Everglades: A Lobbyist’s Perspective. Chapter 1 in Saving Biological Diversity, Askins, R.A. et al., (eds.), Springer Science & Business Media, Berlin, Germany,

(2008) Surratt, D.D., Waldon, M.G., Harwell, M.C. and Aumen, N.G. Time-series and spatial tracking of polluted canal water intrusion into wetlands of a national wildlife refuge in Florida, USA. Wetlands 28(1), 176-183.

TOP 2007

(2007) Alexopoulou, E., Kipriotis, E., Papatheohari, Y., Moskov, G. and Georgiadis, S. Cultivation of kenaf in north-east Greece - Part I - Effect of variety, plant density and irrigation on growth and dry yield. Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment 5(1), 129-134.

(2007) Dunne, E.J., McKee, K.A., Clark, M.W., Grunwald, S. and Reddy, K.R. Phosphorus in agricultural ditch soil and potential implications for water quality. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 62(4), 244-252.

(2007) Gesch, R.W., Reicosky, D.C., Gilbert, R.A. and Morris, D.R. Influence of tillage and plant residue management on respiration of a Florida Everglades Histosol. Soil & Tillage Research 92(1-2), 156-166.

(2007) Kipriotis, E., Alexopoulou, E., Papatheohari, Y., Moskov, G. and Georgiadis, S. Cultivation of kenaf in north-east Greece - Part II - Effect of variety and nitrogen on growth and dry yield. Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment 5(1), 135-139.

(2007) Makarewicz, J.C., D'Aiuto, P.E. and Bosch, I. Elevated nutrient levels from agriculturally dominated watersheds stimulate metaphyton growth. Journal of Great Lakes Research 33(2), 437-448.

(2007) Niedermeier, A. and Robinson, J.S. Hydrological controls on soil redox dynamics in a peat-based, restored wetland. Geoderma 137(3-4), 318-326.

(2007) Richardson, C.J., King, R.S., Qian, S.S., Vaithiyanathan, P., Qualls, R.G. and Stow, C.A. Estimating ecological thresholds for phosphorus in the Everglades. Environ. Sci. Technol. 41(23), 8084-8091.

(2007) Ritter, A., Munoz-Carpena, R., Bosch, D.D., Schaffer, B. and Potter, T.L. Agricultural land use and hydrology affect variability of shallow groundwater nitrate concentration in South Florida. Hydrological Processes 21(18), 2464-2473.

(2007) Silvers, C.S., Pratt, P.D., Ferriter, A.P. and Center, T.D. TAME melaleuca: A regional approach for suppressing one of Florida's worst weeds. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 45(1-8.

(2007) Stern, J., Wang, Y., Gu, B. and Newman, J. Distribution and turnover of carbon in natural and constructed wetlands in the Florida Everglades. Applied Geochemistry 22(9), 1936-1948.

(2007) Uz, I., Chauhan, A. and Ogram, A.V. Cellulolytic, fermentative, and methanogenic guilds in benthic periphyton mats from the Florida Everglades. Fems Microbiology Ecology 61(2), 337-347.

TOP 2006

(2006) Bruland, G.L. and Richardson, C.J. An assessment of the phosphorus retention capacity of wetlands in the Painter Creek Watershed, Minnesota, USA. Water Air and Soil Pollution 171(1-4), 169-184.

(2006) Carriger, J.F., Rand, G.M., Gardinali, P.R., Perry, W.B., Tompkins, M.S. and Fernandez, A.M. Pesticides of potential ecological concern in sediment from south Florida canals: An ecological risk prioritization for aquatic arthropods. Soil & Sediment Contamination 15(1), 21-45.

(2006a) Chen, M., Daroub, S.H., Lang, T.A. and Diaz, O.A. Specific conductance and ionic characteristics of farm canals in the Everglades Agricultural Area. J. Environ. Qual. 35(1), 141-150.

(2006b) Chen, M., Daroub, S.H. and Nadal, V. Comparison of two digestion methods for determining total phosphorus in farm canal water. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 37(15-20), 2351-2363.

(2006) Chimney, M.J. and Goforth, G. History and description of the Everglades Nutrient Removal Project, a subtropical constructed wetland in south Florida (USA). Ecological Engineering 27(4), 268-278.

(2006) Chimney, M.J. and Pietro, K.C. Decomposition of macrophyte litter in a subtropical constructed wetland in south Florida (USA). Ecological Engineering 27(4), 301-321.

(2006) Diaz, O.A., Daroub, S.H., Stuck, J.D., Clark, M.W., Lang, T.A. and Reddy, K.R. Sediment inventory and phosphorus fractions for water conservation area canals in the everglades. Soil Science Society of America Journal 70(3), 863-871.

(2006) Gilbert, R.A., Shine, J.M., Miller, J.D., Rice, R.W. and Rainbolt, C.R. The effect of genotype, environment and time of harvest on sugarcane yields in Florida, USA. Field Crops Research 95(2-3), 156-170.

(2006) Gilliam, F.S. and Platt, W.J. Conservation and restoration of the Pinus palustris ecosystem. Applied Vegetation Science 9(1), 7-10.

(2006) Gilliam, F.S., Platt, W.J. and Peet, R.K. Natural disturbances and the physiognomy of pine savannas: A phenomenological model. Applied Vegetation Science 9(1), 83-96.

(2006) Glaz, B. and Gilbert, R.A. Sugarcane response to water table, periodic flood, and foliar nitrogen on organic soil. Agronomy Journal 98(3), 616-621.

(2006) Glaz, B. and Morris, D.R. Sugarcane morphological, photosynthetic, and growth responses to water-table depth. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture 28(3), 77-97.

(2006) Gu, B.H., Chimney, M.J., Newman, J. and Nungesser, M.K. Limnological characteristics of a subtropical constructed wetland in south Florida (USA). Ecol. Eng. 27(4), 345-360.

(2006) Pearlstine, E.V., Mazzotti, F.J. and Kelly, M.H. Relative distribution and abundance of wintering raptors in agricultural and wetland landscapes of South Florida. Journal of Raptor Research 40(1), 81-85.

(2006) Ritter, A. and Munoz-Carpena, R. Dynamic factor modeling of ground and surface water levels in an agricultural area adjacent to Everglades National Park. Journal of Hydrology 317(3-4), 340-354.

(2006) Rumbold, D.G. and Fink, L.E. Extreme spatial variability and unprecedented methylmercury concentrations within a constructed wetland. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 112(1-3), 115-135.

(2006) Schottler, S.P. and Engstrom, D.R. A chronological assessment of Lake Okeechobee (Florida) sediments using multiple dating markers. Journal of Paleolimnology 36(1), 19-36.

(2006) Turner, B.L., Newman, S. and Newman, J.M. Organic phosphorus sequestration in subtropical treatment wetlands. Environmental Science & Technology 40(3), 727-733.

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(2006) Wu, Y.G., Wang, N.M. and Rutchey, K. An analysis of spatial complexity of ridge and slough patterns in the Everglades ecosystem. Ecological Complexity 3(3), 183-192.

(2006) Yeager, T.H. The BMP consensus challenge. Horttechnology 16(3), 386-389.

TOP 2005

(2005) Davis, S.M., Gaiser, E.E., Loftus, W.F. and Huffman, A.E. Southern marl prairies conceptual ecological model. Wetlands 25(4), 821-831.

(2005) Edme, S.J., Miller, J.D., Glaz, B., Tai, P.Y.P. and Comstock, J.C. Genetic contribution to yield gains in the Florida sugarcane industry across 33 years. Crop Science 45(1), 92-97.

(2005) Harman-Fetcho, J.A., Hapeman, C.J., McConnell, L.L., Potter, T.L., Rice, C.P., Sadeghi, A.M., Smith, R.D., Bialek, K., Sefton, K.A., Schaffer, B.A. and Curry, R. Pesticide occurrence in selected South Florida canals and biscayne bay during high agricultural activity. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(15), 6040-6048.

(2005) Harvey, G.E. Death in the everglades: The murder of Guy Bradley, America's first martyr to environmentalism. Agricultural History 79(2), 246-247.

(2005) Johnson, S. and Rejmankova, E. Impacts of land use on nutrient distribution and vegetation composition of freshwater wetlands in Northern Belize. Wetlands 25(1), 89-100.

(2005) Keller, B.D. and Causey, B.D. Linkages between the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Initiative. Ocean & Coastal Management 48(11-12), 869-900.

(2005) Kimlin, M.G., Slusser, J.R., Schallhorn, K.A., Lantz, K. and Meltzer, R.S. Comparison of ultraviolet data from colocated instruments from the US EPA Brewer Spectrophotometer Network and the US Department of Agriculture UV-B Monitoring and Research Program. Optical Engineering 44(4),

(2005) Mathiyalagan, V., Grunwald, S., Reddy, K.R. and Bloom, S.A. A WebGIS and geodatabase for Florida's wetlands. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 47(1), 69-75.

(2005) Mazzotti, F.J., Fling, H.E., Merediz, G., Lazcano, M., Lasch, C. and Barnes, T. Conceptual ecological model of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Wetlands 25(4), 980-997.

(2005) Morris, D.R. Dry matter allocation and root morphology of sugarcane, sawgrass, and St. Augustinegrass due to water-table depth. Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida Proceedings 64(80-86.

(2005) Munoz-Carpena, R., Ritter, A. and Li, Y.C. Dynamic factor analysis of groundwater quality trends in an agricultural area adjacent to Everglades National Park. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 80(1-2), 49-70.

(2005) Ogden, J.C. Everglades ridge and slough conceptual ecological model. Wetlands 25(4), 810-820.

(2005) Pope, K., Masuoka, P., Rejmankova, E., Grieco, J., Johnson, S. and Roberts, D. Mosquito habitats, land use, and malaria risk in Belize from satellite imagery. Ecological Applications 15(4), 1223-1232.

(2005) Snyder, G.H. Everglades agricultural area soil subsidence and land use projections. Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida Proceedings 64(44-51.

(2005) Warner, K.A., Bonzongo, J.C.J., Roden, E.E., Ward, G.M., Green, A.C., Chaubey, I., Lyons, W.B. and Arrington, D.A. Effect of watershed parameters on mercury distribution in different environmental compartments in the Mobile Alabama River Basin, USA. Science of the Total Environment 347(1-3), 187-207.



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