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TOP 2009
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(2009) Belmont, M.A., White, J.R. and Reddy, K.R. Phosphorus Sorption and Potential Phosphorus Storage in Sediments of Lake Istokpoga and the Upper Chain of Lakes, Florida, USA. Journal of Environmental Quality 38(3), 987-996.

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(2009) Cerna, B., Rejmankova, E., Snyder, J.M. and Santruckova, H. Heterotrophic nitrogen fixation in oligotrophic tropical marshes: changes after phosphorus addition. Hydrobiologia 627(1), 55-65.

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(2009) Chang, C.C.Y., McCormick, P.V., Newman, S. and Elliott, E.M. Isotopic indicators of environmental change in a subtropical wetland. Ecological Indicators 9(5), 825-836.


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(2009) Conley, D.J., Paerl, HW, Howarth, RW, Boesch, DF, Seitzinger, SP, Havens, KE, Lancelot, C and Likens, GE. 2009.  Controling eutrophication: Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Science 323, 1014-15.

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(2009) Escutia-Lara, Y., Gomez-Romero, M. and Lindig-Cisneros, R. Nitrogen and phosphorus effect on Typha domingensis Presl. rhizome growth in a matrix of Schoenoplectus americanus (Pers.) Volkart ex Schinz and Keller. Aquatic Botany 90(1), 74-77.

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(2009) Herbert, D.A. and Fourqurean, J.W. Phosphorus Availability and Salinity Control Productivity and Demography of the Seagrass Thalassia testudinum in Florida Bay. Estuaries and Coasts 32(1), 188-201.

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(2009) Inglett, P.W., D'Angelo, E.M., Reddy, K.R., McCormick, P.V. and Hagerthey, S.E. Periphyton nitrogenase activity as an indicator of wetland eutrophication: spatial patterns and response to phosphorus dosing in a northern Everglades ecosystem. Wetlands Ecology and Management 17(2), 131-144.

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(2009) Lai, D.Y. and Lam, K.C. Phosphorus sorption by sediments in a subtropical constructed wetland receiving stormwater runoff. Ecological Engineering 35(5), 735-743.

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(2009) Malecki-Brown, L.M. and White, J.R. Effect of Aluminum-Containing Amendments on Phosphorus Sequestration of Wastewater Treatment Wetland Soil. Soil Science Society of America Journal 73(3), 852-861.

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(2009) McCormick, P., Newman, S. and Vilchek, L. Landscape responses to wetland eutrophication: loss of slough habitat in the Florida Everglades, USA. Hydrobiologia 621(105-114.

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(2009) Mukherjee, A., Nair, V.D., Clark, M.W. and Reddy, K.R. Development of Indices to Predict Phosphorus Release from Wetland Soils. Journal of Environmental Quality 38(3), 878-886.

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(2009) Qian, Y., Miao, S.L., Gu, B. and Li, Y.C. Effects of Burn Temperature on Ash Nutrient Forms and Availability from Cattail (Typha domingensis) and Sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense) in the Florida Everglades. Journal of Environmental Quality 38(2), 451-464.

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(2009) Saha, A.K., Sternberg, L. and Miralles-Wilhelm, F. Linking water sources with foliar nutrient status in upland plant communities in the Everglades National Park, USA. Ecohydrology 2(1), 42-54.

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(2009a) Wright, A.L. Phosphorus sequestration in soil aggregates after long-term tillage and cropping. Soil & Tillage Research 103(2), 406-411.

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(2009b) Wright, A.L. Soil phosphorus stocks and distribution in chemical fractions for long-term sugarcane, pasture, turfgrass, and forest systems in Florida. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 83(3), 223-231.

TOP 2008

(2008) Castillo, M.S. and Wright, A.L. Soil phosphorus pools for Histosols under sugarcane and pasture in the Everglades, USA. Geoderma 145(1-2), 130-135.

(2008) Castilloa, M.S. and Wright, A.L. Soil phosphorus pools for Histosols under sugarcane and pasture in the Everglades, USA. Geoderma 145(1-2), 130-135.

(2008) Cohen, M.J., Dunne, E.J. and Bruland, G.L. Spatial variability of soil properties in cypress domes surrounded by different land uses. Wetlands 28(2), 411-422.

(2008) El-Rifai, H., Heerboth, M., Gedris, T.E., Newman, S., Orem, W. and Cooper, W.T. NMR and mass spectrometry of phosphorus in wetlands. European Journal of Soil Science 59(3), 517-525.

(2008) Gaiser, E.E., Richards, J.H., Trexler, J.C., Doren, R.F., McCormick, P.V. and Newman, S. Comment on "Estimating ecological thresholds for Phosphorus in the Everglades". Environmental Science & Technology 42(17), 6770-6771.

(2008) Grace, K.A., Dierberg, F.E., DeBusk, T.A. and White, J.R. Phosphorus uptake by Typha leaf litter as affected by oxygen availability. Wetlands 28(3), 817-826.

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(2008) Hach2O, w.a. Phosphorus, orthophosphate (reactive) test strips, 0-50 mg/L, 50 tests.,+Orthophosphate+(reactive)+Test+Strips,+0-50+mg&frasl%3BL,+50+tests.

(2008) Hyfield, E.C.G., Day, J.W., Cable, J.E. and Justic, D. The impacts of re-introducing Mississippi River water on the hydrologic budget and nutrient inputs of a deltaic estuary. Ecological Engineering 32(4), 347-359.

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TOP 2007

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TOP 2006

(2006) Armitage, A.R., Frankovich, T.A. and Fourqurean, J.W. Variable responses within epiphytic and benthic microalgal communities to nutrient enrichment. Hydrobiologia 569(423-435.

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TOP 2005

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