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(2009) Boyd, E.S., King, S., Tomberlin, J.K., Nordstrom, D.K., Krabbenhoft, D.P., Barkay, T. and Geesey, G.G. Methylmercury enters an aquatic food web through acidophilic microbial mats in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Environmental Microbiology 11(4), 950-959.

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(2009) Cohen, M.J., Lamsal, S., Osborne, T.Z., Bonzongo, J.C.J., Newman, S. and Reddy, K.R. Soil Total Mercury Concentrations across the Greater Everglades. Soil Science Society of America Journal 73(2), 675-685.

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(2009) Covelli, S., Acquavita, A., Piani, R., Predonzani, S. and De Vittor, C. Recent contamination of mercury in an estuarine environment (Marano lagoon, Northern Adriatic, Italy). Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 82(2), 273-284.

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(2009) Herring, G., Gawlik, D.E. and Rumbold, D.G. Feather mercury concentrations and physiological condition of great egret and white ibis nestlings in the Florida Everglades. Science of the Total Environment 407(8), 2641-2649.

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(2009) Wollenberg, J.L. and Peters, S.C. Mercury emission from a temperate lake during autumn turnover. Science of the Total Environment 407(8), 2909-2918.

top 2008
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(2008) Adams, E.M. and Frederick, P.C. Effects of methylmercury and spatial complexity on foraging behavior and foraging efficiency in juvenile white ibises (Eudocimus albus). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 27(8), 1708-1712.

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(2008) Chumchal, M.M., Drenner, R.W., Fry, B., Hambright, K.D. and Newland, L.W. Habitat-specific differences in mercury concentration in a top predator from a shallow lake. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 137(1), 195-208.

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(2008) Delaune, R.D., Gambrell, R.P., Jugsujinda, A., Devai, I. and Hou, A. Total Hg, methyl Hg and other toxic heavy metals in a northern Gulf of Mexico estuary: Louisiana Pontchartrain basin. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part a-Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering 43(9), 1006-1015.

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(2008) Engle, M.A., Tate, M.T., Krabbenhoft, D.P., Kolker, A., Olson, M.L., Edgerton, E.S., DeWild, J.F. and McPherson, A.K. Characterization and cycling of atmospheric mercury along the central US Gulf Coast. Applied Geochemistry 23(3), 419-437.

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(2008) George, B.M. and Batzer, D. Spatial and temporal variations of mercury levels in Okefenokee invertebrates: Southeast Georgia. Environmental Pollution 152(2), 484-490.

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(2008) Hall, B.D., Aiken, G.R., Krabbenhoft, D.P., Marvin-DiPasquale, M. and Swarzenski, C.M. Wetlands as principal zones of methylmercury production in southern Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico region. Environmental Pollution 154(1), 124-134.

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(2008a) Liu, G.L., Cai, Y., Kalla, P., Scheidt, D., Richards, J., Scinto, L.J., Gaiser, E. and Appleby, C. Mercury mass budget estimates and cycling seasonality in the Florida everglades. Environmental Science & Technology 42(6), 1954-1960.

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(2008b) Liu, G.L., Cai, Y., Philippi, T., Kalla, P., Scheidt, D., Richards, J., Scinto, L. and Appleby, C. Distribution of total and methylmercury in different ecosystem compartments in the Everglades: Implications for mercury bioaccumulation. Environmental Pollution 153(2), 257-265.

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(2008) Mao, Y.X., Liu, G.L., Meichel, G., Cai, Y. and Jiang, G.B. Simultaneous speciation of monomethylmercury and monoethylmercury by aqueous phenylation and purge-and-trap preconcentration followed by atomic spectrometry detection. Analytical Chemistry 80(18), 7163-7168.

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(2008) Merritt, K.A. and Amirbahman, A. Methylmercury cycling in estuarine sediment pore waters (Penobscot River estuary, Maine, USA). Limnology and Oceanography 53(3), 1064-1075.

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(2008) Perry, W.B. Everglades restoration and water quality challenges in south Florida. Ecotoxicology 17(7), 569-578.

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(2008) Rumbold, D.G., Lange, T.R., Axelrad, D.M. and Atkeson, T.D. Ecological risk of methylmercury in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA. Ecotoxicol. 17(7), 632-641.

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(2008) Valega, M., Lillebo, A.I., Pereira, M.E., Corns, W.T., Stockwell, P.B., Duarte, A.C. and Pardal, M.A. Assessment of methylmercury production in a temperate salt marsh (Ria de Aveiro Lagoon, Portugal). Marine Pollution Bulletin 56(1), 153-158.

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(2008) Wiener, J.G. and Suchanek, T.H. The Basis for Ecotoxicological Concern in Aquatic Ecosystems Contaminated by Historical Mercury Mining. Ecological Applications 18(8), A3-A11.

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(2008) Zhang, H. and Dill, C. Apparent rates of production and loss of dissolved gaseous mercury (DGM) in a southern reservoir lake (Tennessee, USA). Science of the Total Environment 392(2-3), 233-241.

top 2007

(2007) Bank, M.S., Crocker, J., Connery, B. and Amirbahman, A. Mercury bioaccumulation in green frog (Rana clamitans) and bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) tadpoles from Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(1), 118-125.

(2007) Bell, A.H. and Scudder, B.C. Mercury accumulation in periphyton of eight river ecosystems. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 43(4), 957-968.

(2007) Custer, C.M., Custer, T.W. and Hill, E.F. Mercury exposure and effects on cavity-nesting birds from the Carson River, Nevada. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 52(1), 129-136.

(2007) Donald, A., Atkeson, T., Lange, T., Pollman, C., Gilmour, C., Orem, W., Mendelssohn, I., Frederick, P., Krabbenhoft, D., Aiken, G., Rumbold, D., Scheidt, D. and Kalla, P. Chapter 3B: Mercury monitoring, research and environmental assessment in South Florida. In 2007 South Florida Environment Report, (ed.), South Florida Water Management District and Florida Department of Environmental Protection, <>, West Palm Beach, FL., 55.

(2007) EPA, U. Everglades Ecosystem Assessment, Water Management and Quality, Eutrophication, Mercury Contamination, Soils and Habitat. Environmental Protection Agency, 107.

(2007) Fay, L. and Gustin, M.S. Investigation of mercury accumulation in cattails growing in constructed wetland mesocosms. Wetlands 27(4), 1056-1065.

(2007) Gandhi, N., Bhavsar, S.P., Diamond, M.L. and Kuwabara, J.S. Development of a mercury speciation, fate, and biotic uptake (biotranspec) model: Application to lahontan reservoir (Nevada, USA). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(11), 2260-2273.

(2007) Gasper, J.D., Aiken, G.R. and Ryan, J.N. A critical review of three methods used for the measurement of mercury (Hg2+)-dissolved organic matter stability constants. Applied Geochemistry 22(8), 1583-1597.

(2007) Han, S., Lehman, R.D., Choe, K.Y. and Gill, G.A. Chemical and physical speciation of mercury in Offatts Bayou: A seasonally anoxic bayou in Galveston Bay. Limnology and Oceanography 52(4), 1380-1392.

(2007) Kuwabara, J.S., Arai, Y., Topping, B.R., Pickering, I.J. and George, G.N. Mercury speciation in piscivorous fish from mining-impacted reservoirs. Environmental Science & Technology 41(8), 2745-2749.

(2007) Marsik, F.J., Keeler, G.J. and Landis, M.S. The dry-deposition of speciated mercury to the Florida Everglades: Measurements and modeling. Atmospheric Environment 41(1), 136-149.

(2007) Merritt, K.A. and Amirbahman, A. Mercury dynamics in sulfide-rich sediments: Geochemical influence on contaminant mobilization within the Penobscot River estuary, Maine, USA. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 71(4), 929-941.

(2007) Miller, C.L., Mason, R.P., Gilmour, C.C. and Heyes, A. Influence of dissolved organic matter on the complexation of mercury under sulfidic conditions. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(4), 624-633.

(2007) Nimick, D.A., McCleskey, B.R., Gammons, C.H., Cleasby, T.E. and Parker, S.R. Diel mercury-concentration variations in streams affected by mining and geothermal discharge. Science of the Total Environment 373(1), 344-355.

(2007) Paraquetti, H.H.M., Lacerda, L.D., Almeida, M.D., Marins, R.V. and Mounier, S. Mercury speciation changes in waters of the Sepetiba Bay, SE Brazil during tidal events and different seasons. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 18(6), 1259-1269.

(2007) Rainwater, T.R., Wu, T.H., Finger, A.G., Canas, J.E., Yu, L., Reynolds, K.D., Coimbatore, G., Barr, B., Platt, S.G., Cobb, G.P., Anderson, T.A. and McMurry, S.T. Metals and organochlorine pesticides in caudal scutes of crocodiles from Belize and Costa Rica. Science of the Total Environment 373(1), 146-156.

(2007) Scheulhammer, A.M., Meyer, M.W., Sandheinrich, M.B. and Murray, M.W. Effects of environmental methylmercury on the health of wild birds, mammals, and fish. Ambio 36(1), 12-18.

(2007) Shoham-Frider, E., Shelef, G. and Kress, N. Mercury speciation in sediments at a municipal sewage sludge marine disposal site. Marine Environmental Research 64(5), 601-615.

(2007) Slowey, A.J. and Brown, G.E. Transformations of mercury, iron, and sulfur during the reductive dissolution of iron oxyhydroxide by sulfide. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 71(4), 877-894.

(2007) Trefry, J.H., Trocine, R.P., McElvaine, M.L., Rember, R.D. and Hawkins, L.T. Total mercury and methylmercury in sediments near offshore drilling sites in the Gulf of Mexico. Environmental Geology 53(2), 375-385.

(2007) Whalin, L., Kim, E.H. and Mason, R. Factors influencing the oxidation, reduction, methylation and demethylation of mercury species in coastal waters. Marine Chemistry 107(3), 278-294.

top 2006

(2006) Andrews, J.C. Mercury speciation in the environment using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. In Recent Developments in Mercury Science, (ed.), 1-35.

(2006) Atkeson, T.D., Axelrad, D.M. and Pollman, C.D. Recent trends in mercury emissions, deposition, and biota in the Florida Everglades. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 231(79-GEOC.

(2006) Barringer, J.L., Szabo, Z., Schneider, D., Atkinson, W.D. and Gallagher, R.A. Mercury in ground water, septage, leach-field effluent, and soils in residential areas, New Jersey coastal plain. Science of the Total Environment 361(1-3), 144-162.

(2006) Chadwick, S.P., Babiarz, C.L., Hurley, J.P. and Armstrong, D.E. Influences of iron, manganese, and dissolved organic carbon on the hypolimnetic cycling of amended mercury. Science of the Total Environment 368(1), 177-188.

(2006) Chen, M., Daroub, S.H. and Nadal, V. Comparison of two digestion methods for determining total phosphorus in farm canal water. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 37(15-20), 2351-2363.

(2006a) Desrosiers, M., Planas, D. and Mucci, A. Short-term responses to watershed logging on biomass mercury and methylmercury accumulation by periphyton in boreal lakes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63(8), 1734-1745.

(2006b) Desrosiers, M., Planas, D. and Mucci, A. Total mercury and methylmercury accumulation in periphyton of Boreal Shield Lakes: Influence of watershed physiographic characteristics. Science of the Total Environment 355(1-3), 247-258.

(2006) Dill, C., Kuiken, T., Zhang, H. and Ensor, M. Diurnal variation of dissolved gaseous mercury (DGM) levels in a southern reservoir lake (Tennessee, USA) in relation to solar radiation. Science of the Total Environment 357(1-3), 176-193.

(2006) Garcia, E., Laroulandie, J., Saint-Simon, X.R. and Amyot, M. Temporal and spatial distribution and production of dissolved gaseous mercury in the Bay St. Francois wetland, in the St. Lawrence River, Quebec, Canada. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 70(11), 2665-2678.

(2006) Han, S.H., Gill, G.A., Lehman, R.D. and Choe, K.Y. Complexation of mercury by dissolved organic matter in surface waters of Galveston Bay, Texas. Marine Chemistry 98(2-4), 156-166.

(2006) Jeremiason, J., Engstrom, D., Swain, E., Nater, E., Johnson, B., Almendinger, J., Monson, B. and Kolka, R. Sulfate addition increases methylmercury production in an experimental wetland. Environ. Sci. Technol. 40(3800-3806.


(2006) Khwaja, A.R., Bloom, P.R. and Brezonik, P.L. Binding constants of divalent mercury (Hg2+) in soil humic acids and soil organic matter. Environmental Science & Technology 40(3), 844-849.

(2006) King, S.A., Behnke, S., Slack, K., Krabbenhoft, D.P., Nordstrom, D.K., Burr, M.D. and Striegl, R.G. Mercury in water and biomass of microbial communities in hot springs of Yellowstone National Park, USA. Applied Geochemistry 21(11), 1868-1879.

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(2006) Zhang, H., Dill, C., Kuiken, T., Ensor, M. and Crocker, W.C. Change of dissolved gaseous mercury concentrations in a southern reservoir lake (Tennessee) following seasonal variation of solar radiation. Environmental Science & Technology 40(7), 2114-2119.

top 2005

(2005) Barringer, J.L., Szabo, Z., Kauffman, L.J., Barringer, T.H., Stackelberg, P.E., Ivahnenko, T., Rajagopalan, S. and Krabbenhoft, D.P. Mercury concentrations in water from an unconfined aquifer system, New Jersey coastal plain. Science of the Total Environment 346(1-3), 169-183.

(2005) Branfireun, B.A., Krabbenhoft, D.P., Hintelmann, H., Hunt, R.J., Hurley, J.P. and Rudd, J.W.M. Speciation and transport of newly deposited mercury in a boreal forest wetland: A stable mercury isotope approach. Water Resources Research 41(6),

(2005) Dvonch, J.T., Keeler, G.J. and Marsik, F.J. The influence of meteorological conditions on the wet deposition of mercury in southern Florida. Journal of Applied Meteorology 44(9), 1421-1435.

(2005) Evans, D.W. and Crumley, P.H. Mercury in Florida Bay fish: Spatial distribution of elevated concentrations and possible linkages to Everglades restoration. Bulletin of Marine Science 77(3), 321-345.

(2005) Han, S.H. and Gill, G.A. Determination of mercury complexation in coastal and estuarine waters using competitive ligand exchange method. Environmental Science & Technology 39(17), 6607-6615.

(2005) Harmon, S.M., King, J.K., Gladden, J.B., Chandler, G.T. and Newman, L.A. Mercury body burdens in Gambusia holbrooki and Erimyzon sucetta in a wetland mesocosm amended with sulfate. Chemosphere 59(2), 227-233.

(2005) Heath, J.A. and Frederick, P.C. Relationships among mercury concentrations, hormones, and nesting effort of White Ibises (Eudocimus albus) in the Florida Everglades. Auk 122(1), 255-267.

(2005) Lindberg, S.E., Dong, W.J., Chanton, J., Qualls, R.G. and Meyers, T. A mechanism for bimodal emission of gaseous mercury from aquatic macrophytes. Atmospheric Environment 39(7), 1289-1301.

(2005) Marsik, F.J., Keeler, G.J., Lindberg, S.E. and Zhang, H. Air-surface exchange of gaseous mercury over a mixed sawgrass-cattail stand within the Florida Everglades. Environmental Science & Technology 39(13), 4739-4746.

(2005) Mehrotra, A.S. and Sedlak, D.L. Decrease in net mercury methylation rates following iron amendment to anoxic wetland sediment slurries. Environmental Science & Technology 39(8), 2564-2570.

(2005) Newman, J., Zillioux, E., Rich, E., Liang, L. and Newman, C. Historical and other patterns of monomethyl and inorganic mercury in the Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi). Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 48(1), 75-80.

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(2005) Ugarte, C.A., Rice, K.G. and Donnelly, M.A. Variation of total mercury concentrations in pig frogs (Rana grylio) across the Florida Everglades, USA. Science of the Total Environment 345(1-3), 51-59.

(2005) Warner, K.A., Bonzongo, J.C.J., Roden, E.E., Ward, G.M., Green, A.C., Chaubey, I., Lyons, W.B. and Arrington, D.A. Effect of watershed parameters on mercury distribution in different environmental compartments in the Mobile Alabama River Basin, USA. Science of the Total Environment 347(1-3), 187-207.



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