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Return on Investment
This web-site has been created spontaneously and without any specific assistance. It is intended as an independent, more technical and scientific information-based free web resource. The most challenging aspect of this web-site is its comprehensive literature database function which represents a major effort. When fully developed, this will be a unique and highly desirable contribution, making this web-site a real hub of Everglades knowledge. That also means a high profile and exposure.
With these objectives in mind, only NOW we compete for grant funding and ask for support and/or sponsorships.


Each of the specialised sections of EvergladesHUB web-site is open to exclusive sponsorship.
The EvergladesHUB information web-site is independent and not financed by any special interest or grant.
It is found useful and is very well frequented.

What do you get ?

The section sponsor can choose between having either:

  • their BANNER and/or LOGO prominently displayed at the top and/or a side-bar of every page in the SECTION, with a link to the sponsorís web-site; or
  • a 500x70 banner AD prominently displayed at the top of every page in the section, with a link to the sponsorís web-site. We will be pleased to design this banner, if required, at no extra charge.

The logo will also be displayed at the side-bar of the main EvergladesHUB home-page and the sponsor will have a prominent text link from the EvergladesHUB Online newsletter (EvergladesHUB Online Update - whenever released).

In addition to this, sponsors may have their logo and links placed also in the EvergladesHUB Blog.

What is the cost ?

Exclusive one-year sponsorships of the following main sections are now still special-costed (during the web-site start-up period) at a discounted promotional rate of only
US$ 850:

and US$ 450 for:

Special arrangements are negotiated for display (as a live link) of a Sponsor's logo on the main Home-page side-bar.

Period of Sponsorship

Sponsorship will be for one year, after which each sponsor will have the option of renewal for a further year.

Further Information

If you would like to discuss this further please contact the EvergladesHUB by email:
or Prof. Boya Volesky by direct email, or telephone (1-514)502.5388.

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